Monday, 19 March 2012

A hidden gem...Confederation Park

Confederation Park…most people when they hear that think of Hutch’s, Wild Waterworks, Adventure Village or one of the other establishments located along the beach strip. To others this area is actually a diverse narrow strip of land sandwiched between the QEW and Lake Ontario. Many people don’t know that it is owned by the City of Hamilton. In 1980 the Hamilton Conservation Authority began managing the park for the city. 

The park is rich in history, natural beauty & wildlife and it is located along the shores of Lake Ontario.  Because of the parks location it is easy to access and is an ideal place to visit for an hour or for the day.  There are many activities to do in the park which are only limited by your imagination. 

One of the main features, is the Breezeway trail which runs the entire length of the park from Grays Road and continues through to Spencer Smith Park in Burlington for a total of 12 kilometers. In 2011 a new link was added joining the Red Hill Valley trail to the Breezeway making it possible to come from the Hamilton mountain all the way to Lake Ontario. 

There are many areas through the park to explore and discover, from the many ponds, wooded areas to the shores of Lake Ontario. You never know what you will see, if you are lucky you may spot a deer, coyote, bald eagle or one of the many other raptors and animals which make this park their home.
People come daily to go walking, jogging, biking, roller blading, picnicking, beach combing, boating, kayaking, surfing, fishing, bird watching, sun bathing, swimming, playing and the list goes on and on. Visit the park when there is a strong east wind and watch the giant waves crash onto the beach, you would think you were at the ocean all you need is the smell of salt air to complete the picture. This park is a place to come and enjoy at any time of season. 

Before the park was established in 1967 this strip of land was a thriving beach community with many cottages and farms along the shore line. You can still see remnants of these today. Baranga’s on the Beach Restaurant  restaurant is the old public school which closed in the early 60’s. Imagine going to school right on the lake what a great place to go for recess! For those interested in more of the history of the beach strip 

Confederation Park a jewel on the shores of Lake Ontario waiting to be discovered, so come for a visit and see all the beauty.

Paul Karbusicky
Confederation Park Superintendent

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