Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunny-Day Morning

People say you’re either an early bird, or a night owl, and some just need a little motivation for either. I have no motivation for a late night; but I may be able to convince you of an early morning trek. I would recommend the following as I am learning natural beauty may warm the heart, but the body still gets cold.
  •          Layers of warm clothing ( especially in the winter months)
  •          Warm boots
  •          Mittens that can enable you to still snap a picture
  •          A camera
  •          Access to lake Ontario waterfront
  •          And my favorite, an oversized travel mug filled to the brim with caffeine

Now the convincing...

Lake Ontario in itself is breath taking; a fresh water ocean; but to witness the day waking up and the sun reflecting off its water, and sometimes sprawling out onto the sandy or snowy covered shores is beautiful. 

Confederation Park or Fifty Point C.A. are excellent for this activity offering trails, parking, ample photo opportunities, and kilometers of prime real estate on the waterfront for the morning show. I find it’s a great way to start; we rush all day cherishing the moments we find to ourselves, to collect, and go again. Why not start the day with a moment to yourself, while enjoying a grand view?

If this is your first early morning trek down to the lake, don’t be surprised at how many of us are out there walking and watching the world wake up with full mugs, and a “Morning!” for passerbys’

Cari Hobbs
Assistant Superintendent
Confederation Park

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